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Glaciology and environmental monitoring

The station monitors changes and dynamics of Hansbreen and Werenskioldbreen glaciers by:

  • Laser range finder measurements of glacier movement dynamics in ablation zone
  • Measurements of snow cover thickness on the glaciers (all year round) and its analysis (in the end of accumulation seazon)
  • Photographic documentation of Hansbreen glacier front and surface.
The mass balance of Hansbreen has been measured since 1989.

Responsible for the research: Piotr Glowacki glowacki@igf.edu.pl.

Measurement of glacier movement dynamics
by means of a laser range finder (July, 2000)

Hansbreen glacier investigeted by us is of mountain type, length 16 km, width near the front about 2.5 km, surface about 57 km2. The glacier's bottom reaches 100 m below sea level. Maximum thickness: 400 m. Average speed of the front retreat calculated since 1936 is 17 m per year.

Hansbreen front 1957; phot. A. Jahn Hansbreen front 2003; phot. T. Moczadlowski
Hansbreen glacier retreats systematically
like most other glaciers on Spitsbergen.

The station is a base for monitoring of changes in polar environment, including the ones brought about by industrial activity in other parts of the world (antropopression):
  • Monitoring of pollutants in atmospheric precipitation with measurement of conductivity, pH and chlorines; more detailed analysis for strongly mineralized falls
  • Determination of pH variations, conductivity and chlorines for fresh snow fall of the glaciers
  • Study of changes in physical and chemical parameters of stream and lake waters with using the same measurements as in atmospheric precipitation
  • Registration of thermal profile for the permafrost layer on a raised marine terrace
  • Photographic documentation of Fugleberget slope in winter and summer.

    Responsible for the research: Piotr Glowacki glowacki@igf.edu.pl.

    Measurement of water level changes in a stream by means of a limnigraph

    w laborotorium chemicznym
    Chemical laboratory

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