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Hornsund lies within the region that has the earth's highest variation in geomagnetic field, even higher than that found at the magnetic pole, making it an ideal site for geomagnetic research. The purpose of the geomagnetic observatory of the Polish Polar Station is to provide continuous recording of the variation in elements of the earth's magnetic field.

Magnetic observations are made using devices installed in two special non-magnetic buildings. One building is used for recording, while the other is used for absolute measurements. The devices are installed on stable platforms that isolate them from movement.

View at the pavilion for geomagnetic research during full moon

Currently, the observatory records continuous digital data on three components of the intensity of the geomagnetical field, sampled every second. From digital recording of indirect values, as well as from absolute measurements of field elements, direct values are calculated of the horizontal component X, directed to geographical north; horizontal component Y, directed to geographic east; and the vertical component Z. Calculated values are regularly transmitted to world data centers, and are published in geomagnetical yearbooks.

Responsible for the research: Mariusz Neska nemar@igf.edu.pl.

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