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Polish Polar Station is located at Polar Bear Bay (Isbjørnhamna), Hornsund fjord, West Spitsbergen island, Spitsbergen (Svalbard) archipelago.
This is the northernmost Polish research facility operating continuously year-round.


The station is run by the Institute of Geophysics, Department of Polar and Marine Research, Polish Academy of Science (PAN), and carries out research in various branches of geophysics and the study of polar environment.

Polish Polar Station
9170 Longyearbyen
Svalbard - Norway

land line (VoIP):
+48 587538788,
+48 224953700

Iridium: +8816 31444070
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  • Weather in Hornsund   2022/04/15 12:00 UTC:  -6.7 °C /19.9°F    snow

  • Webcam snapshot

  • Current ice conditions around Spitsbergen (external link IUP Bremen)

  • Summer 2008: 31st Polar Expedition of PAN takes over the station (wintering crew).
    Seasonal research: little auks

  • Midnight sun since 24 April. The sun will not set below the horizon until 18 August.

  • Dec. 3, 2007: 50 YEARS OF THE STATION!
    Festive session on this occation was held in Warszawa

  • Photos of changes in the site infrastructure in 2005-2006

  • Website of the 28th Polar Expedition

  • News from Hornsund by Andrzej Kozik, the leader of the 27th Polar Expedtion (in Polish).

  • Summer 2004: Difficult ice conditions while trying to enter Hornsund. "Wintering crew transported to the station from the ship by a Russian helicopter (photos).
    Modernization: new wing built for storage.

  • News from Hornsund by Krzysztof Migała, the leader of the 27th Polar Expedtion (in Polish).

  • Summer 2003: Modernization: a fuel station on the sea shore with a pipeline, new wall cover and windows in the main building, new power generators, larger amphibia transported from Poland. /inwestycje/.
    Seasonal research: sea fauna, macrozoobenthos of the intertidal zone.

  • 27 March 2003: a wedding at the station of Anna Bartczak (Poland) and Keneth Monsen (Norway) - a couple of Spitsbergen enthusiasts came to the station from Longyearbyen by a dogsled (photo).

  • 8 December 2003: aggressive bear shot near the station.

  • Summer 2002: Modernization: new kitchen and power plant building, new fire alarm installation.
    Seasonal research: marine fauna, sea birds, geomagnetism and geology, as well as searching of caves inside Torelbreen glacier.

  • July 2001: Beginning of the multi-stage modernization of the site buildings and infrastructure: installation of the new sewage treatment plant, renovation of magnetic buildings, installation of satellite telecommunications systems.

  • January 2001: This web page created during 23rd Expedition. More information.

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